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Web Developer - WordPress

individual or team, remote

About the Project

You will play a key role in developing an innovative, user-centric WordPress website for Kontakt Kollektiv. Collaborating closely with our team, you will create a visually appealing and engaging online platform that not only reflects our mission and brand identity but also provides a dynamic space for the Kontakt Kollektiv community to exchange knowledge, learn, and communicate effectively. Whether you are an individual web developer or part of a team, your passion for delivering exceptional user experiences and your expertise in WordPress development will be fundamental to our success.

Project Scope

Website Development and Customization:
  • Launch visually captivating and user-friendly web pages for core sections, including Kollektiv Spaces, Female* Leadership Circle, Human Connector Academy, Donations, and the initial version of the Shop (to be expanded in the 2nd phase).
  • Implement an email signup and prominent donation call-to-action on the main page, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Community Engagement Features:
  • Develop and integrate interactive forums where community members can initiate discussions, share insights, and ask questions within the relevant sections.
  • Create a blog section featuring informative articles, tutorials, and how-to guides to encourage knowledge sharing and learning.
  • Implement a schedule of Kontakt Kollektiv events and map of Kollektiv Host locations
  • Establish user profiles with networking features to foster connections among the community members
  • Design and curate a resource library containing downloadable materials, enhancing the website’s value as a hub for learning. 
Enhanced User Experience:
  • Ensure that all web pages are responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience across different devices and screen sizes.
  • Incorporate intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces to promote seamless interaction and engagement.
  • Conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve any technical issues or inconsistencies across the website.
Branding Alignment:
  • Ensure that the website design and user interface align seamlessly with the Kontakt Kollektiv’ brand identity, conveying a consistent visual message.
Launch and Post-Launch Activities:
  • Plan and execute the website launch, configuring hosting and domain settings for a successful go-live.
  • Monitor the website’s performance post-launch and promptly address any issues or improvements that arise.

Ideal Profile

  • Proficiency in WordPress development, including customization, plugin integration, and content management. Bonus: experience with custom post types and advanced customization.
  • Front-End Skills: Strong HTML, CSS, and JavaScript abilities. Transform design concepts into responsive, visually appealing web pages.
  • UI/UX Sensibility: Deep understanding of user-centered design principles. Proven track record of intuitive, visual interfaces.
  • Problem-Solving: Thrive on challenges, adept at finding innovative solutions. Efficiently troubleshoot and debug technical issues.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Excel in cross-functional teamwork. Effective communication with designers, content creators, and project managers.
  • Attention to Detail: Ensure every pixel, interaction, and functionality aligns with design and purpose.
  • Previous experience working with startup nonprofits or social enterprises is a plus, but not mandatory.

Key Information 

  • Roles: individual or a team
  • Contract: Aug/Sep 2023 – 31st Dec 2023; 
  • Legal Form: Independent Contractor 

Time Commitment & Compensation

You must be available tentatively starting on Sep 1 and ending on 31st  December 2023. The exact time commitment and start date will be confirmed with the project lead.

The compensation is based on project deliverables.

Suggested Timeline

Sep 2023

Oct 2023

Nov 2023

Dec 2023

Define concept, select key launch pages, finalize design.

Launch key pages, implement email signup and donation.

Develop remaining sections, collaborate with the content team, refine.

Final testing, gather feedback, execute full launch, monitor and address issues.

About Kontakt Kollektiv

Kontakt Kollektiv is a Hamburg-based social enterprise that cultivates authentic connections which serve as a catalyst for addressing social inequalities, combating issues of loneliness and well-being.

Our mission is to create meaningful connections that confront the challenges of social inequality and alleviate the negative impacts of loneliness on individuals and communities. Through these interactions, we envision a society that is more equitable and interconnected, where every person has the opportunity to thrive and feel a sense of belonging.

We collaborate with local governments, businesses, events, and community organizers by offering training, tools, and a support network to establish spaces for people to engage in genuine interactions.