Facilitate inclusive spaces where meaningful connections thrive

The Human Connector Academy

The upcoming Human Connector Academy will be happening in spring/summer 2024. You can pre-apply below.

Master the art of meaningful connections

The Human Connector Academy is a transformative educational program that focuses on developing individuals as skilled facilitators of meaningful human connections. This academy recognizes the inherent power of connections in fostering understanding, collaboration, and positive change.

Get ready to connect

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1. Unlock Your Personal Growth

Through a comprehensive curriculum and experiential learning opportunities, you gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to become an effective connector. You will learn various communication techniques, active listening skills, empathy-building strategies, and conflict-resolution methods.

2. Embrace Diversity, Foster Inclusion

The academy emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a culture of respect and appreciation for different backgrounds and perspectives. You will explore the nuances of human interaction, cultural sensitivity, and the impact of words and actions on building connections.

3. Hands-On Learning: Connect, Nurture, Collaborate

Through immersive workshops, buddy program, and hands-on assignments, you will gain practical experience in connecting with others, nurturing relationships, and creating spaces that encourage meaningful conversations and collaborations. You will learn to identify common goals, bridge divides, and facilitate dialogue that leads to collective understanding and action.

4. Join the vibrant Kontakt Kollektiv Community

After completing the academy, you’ll be invited to join the Kontakt Kollektiv community of Human Connectors. Equipped with tools and a supportive network of like-minded individuals, you will have the ability to foster authentic relationships at home, workspace, and beyond. Together, we can transform the neighbourhoods into inclusive communities, and tackle local challenges through the transformative power of genuine connections.

This Program is Best For

The Human Connector Academy is geared towards professionals, community leaders, nonprofit workers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about fostering meaningful connections in various aspects of their lives.

Community Leaders, Nonprofits, and Changemakers

+ Foster meaningful connections to understand community needs and drive change.

+ Acquire facilitation skills for effective stakeholder engagement and collaboration.

+ Amplify your impact by building authentic relationships and empowering community ownership.

Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

+ Lead and build high-performing teams and organisations with effective strategies.

Develop networking skills to drive business growth and achieve success.

Create a positive work environment that enhances employee engagement and fosters innovation.

Facilitators, Trainers and Event Organisers

+ Enhance facilitation and training skills for impactful learning experiences.

+ Design and organise events that foster meaningful connections and collaboration.

+ Expand your facilitation toolkit to guide effective group interactions and inclusive discussions.

HR, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practicioners

+ Build an inclusive organisational culture that values diversity and equity.

+ Develop skills in employee engagement for organisational success.

+ Drive positive change by nurturing meaningful connections and fostering an inclusive work environment.

The Academy in the Capsule

Everything you need and want to know about the Human Connector Academy 

You are embarking on a journey that will equip you with knowledge and tools needed to become a Human Connector. With the carefully-designes feautes, this program is designed to help you make the most out of your learning experience:

  • Our Buddy System will ensure that you have the peer-to-peer support needed to succeed. 
  • You will have the opportunity to put what you learn into practice during our one in-person facilitation practice
  • Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Human Connector Certificate
November 4th -  5th, 2023

Upcoming course: Nov 4th – 5th 2023 in Hamburg

Course Fee

The participation fee is payable upon acceptance into the training.

Regular fee: € 1905

For individuals and non-profits, we offer a discounted fee: € 955

Scholarships are available.

Intense Weekend Program

The upcoming academy is organized in person. 

All sessions are in English, and our facilitators speak German, Polish, and Spanish.

You, too, can Become a human connector

Join us today and be part of a community that empowers, connects, and creates positive impact. Together, we can make a difference. Take the leap and start your journey now!

What you will learn

Are you itching to explore your creative side and try something out of the ordinary? Together, on this amazing learning journey, we’ll bring your unique talents to the forefront in a welcoming and inclusive environment. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with some fantastic individuals whose passions align with yours in a way that is sure to leave a lasting impression. No holding back – you’re the leader here, and with your participation, we’ll make magic happen! Don’t hesitate – let’s take the first step towards a memorable creative experience.

1. The Power-Up Kickstart

Embark on an exciting journey, connect as a group, find your learning buddy, set goals, and learn the principles of adaptable facilitation techniques for Kollektiv Spaces.

2. Facilitation Mojo: Own Your Style

Embrace your strengths, embrace your quirks, and embrace your authentic self as you explore and own your facilitation style with confidence.

3. Power Trio: Plan, Market, Impact

Learn valuable insights on finding the ideal event location and participants. Explore effective methods to measure and evaluate the impact.

4. Practice Makes Perfect: Flow Creation

Craft your event flow designed for meaningful connections. Learn how to utilize retrospectives for personal growth and future planning.

5. Embrace Diversity, Foster Inclusion

Discover how to establish a secure and welcoming atmosphere for your attendees, where diversity and genuine connections can thrive.

6. Conflict Catalyst: Group Dynamics Unleashed

Gain insight into group dynamics and navigate challenging situations. Enhance mediation and conflict resolution skills for smoother interactions.

7. Entrustment - the Power of Community

Pave the way for your participants to continue growing a self-reliant community on their own and to build upon what has been initiated so far.

8. Celebrate Closings and New Beginnings

Reflect on your personal growth as a Human Connector. Evaluate your development, receive certification, and celebrate your achievements!

Learn the art of meaningful connections

Are you ready to ignite your potential as a human connector? By participating in the Human Connector Academy, you will not only learn how to facilitate meaningful connections but also unleash your innate ability to bring people together. Don’t wait any longer; take the first step toward your transformation today and sign up.