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About kollektiv spaces

kollektiv spaces are physical, self-facilitated locations for people in the community to intentionally meet. They remove the barrier and the fear of being rejected while enabling people of all backgrounds and abilities to interact wholeheartedly.

kollektiv spaces are for every individual to enjoy and purposefully connect with others and with themselves.

Every person, no matter their background, is welcome to participate in the conversations and in all community events at the kollektiv space.

You, too, can host kollektiv spaces!

Are you a business, an organization, or a community space that shares the value of inclusivity and aims to provide the best experience to all people? If so, kollektiv spaces might be a perfect fit for you. Fill out the form below – it takes only 1 min., and let’s talk!

6 Reasons to Become a Host

kollektiv spaces are all about healthy, thriving communities. And, when communities do well, so do the businesses and the organizations that support them.

Elevate Customer Experience

Make your location a central spot for human connections with kollektiv space! Enrich the experience of every person who comes in to enjoy positive, fulfilling interactions.

Stand Out Of The Competition

Being a host of kollektiv spaces enables you to differentiate yourself from other businesses by providing unique value and meaningful experiences to your customers.

Increase Your Visibility

Your kollektiv space host organizational profile will be added to the kontakt kollektiv website and social media, increasing the outreach and exposure of your brand.

Join The Growing Network

kontakt kollektiv is actively creating the network of carefully selected kollektiv spaces hosts, becoming a platform to exchange good case practices, support and further opportunities for your organization.

Positive Brand Association

As a host of kollektiv space, your brand can benefit from a connection a customer makes between your brand and kontakt kollektiv. This association can positively influence customers’ purchase decisions.

Good For Business & Community

Walk the talk by creating an inclusive, welcoming space in your location to connect with the community. It’s a win-win scenario that enables you to support your business and positively impact people in the area.

Step 1

Fill out the application to show your interest. You can also nominate a space you think is a great fit for becoming a kollektiv space's host.

Step 2

Let's get to know each other better! You will meet with the kontakt kollektiv team to gain more insights on the opportunity of becoming a host. It is also a perfect time for you to get your questions answered. Then, together we will evaluate your space for a possible fit. Finally, both sides have time to decide.

Step 3

'Yes' from both sides?! Fantastic! Now, the next step is to determine the logistics plan and timeline for launching the kollektiv space. This is where your order for the kollektiv space package comes in (one-time fee €50) - and we're almost ready to go!

Step 4

The final step is the kollektiv space promotion and launch. Share with us your observations, ideas, ask questions. Let's make it an impactful, collaborative experience!​

4 simple steps to host

Are you interested in learning more about being the host? Or do you know the place that would be a perfect spot for kollektiv space? If you said yes to any of these questions, click the button below! 


With a kollektiv spaces schedule, it’s simple to time for a person to meet others. While the kontakt kollektiv calendar offers a frame for the key events, the host can set up events and activities that meet the specific needs of local participants.

weekly - every Wednesday

Connection Wednesdays

What plans one has on a Wednesday? Set in the middle of the week, connection Wednesdays give people an opportunity to take a break from the routine of work and home. It’s a perfect time for individuals to go after work and meet someone else who’s open for a wholehearted conversation at the kollektiv space.

monthly - every 2nd wednesday of the month

kollektiv Conversations

These monthly gatherings create the space for the community to gather and have conversations on what matters to them. Using the World Cafe Method, the events provide the opportunity for individuals to not only get to know each other, yet also to communicate ideas, make decisions, and even do hands-on work together.


Local Host Calendar

Are you a coffee shop that wants to create a sense of community in the neighbourhood or a co-working space with members who might benefit from theme-specific conversations? Or maybe you’re managing a hostel and want to enable locals and visitors to meet each other. Whatever your business is, with a flexible Host Calendar, you can set up both reoccurring and one-time events dedicated to the needs of your community. 

Partners & Sponsors

Meet the organizations we’ve worked with:

Become a host of meaningful connections

kollektiv spaces are an excellent opportunity to elevate your organization and the experiences for your stakeholders. Fill out this short, 2-min. application and let’s talk!