Graphic Designer and Artist

Graphic Designer and Artist

part-time, freelance opportunity, remote

About the Role

As a Graphic Designer and Artist, you are an imagery storyteller for our branding, with the ability to transform complex ideas into compelling visuals. Your role includes shaping the visual identity of our brand and captivating our audience through visually engaging content across various platforms. Collaboration with the entire Kontakt Kollektiv team will be crucial to produce compelling visuals that deeply resonate with our audience.

Role and Responsibilities

Visual Content Creation:
  • Design visually striking graphics for our website, social media platforms, and marketing materials.
  • Produce social media templates that maintain brand consistency and attract audience engagement.
Educational and Promotional Materials Design:
  • Develop templates for professional documents, including presentations, reports, and pitch decks.
  • Design educational visuals for the Human Connector Academy that transform complex information into easily digestible visual representations, enhancing clarity and comprehension.
  • Create innovative promotional materials such as posters, merchandise, flyers, and other print materials.
Brand Identity:
  • Uphold and evolve our brand guidelines, ensuring all design assets align with our brand identity.


  • Templates for social media graphics and documents.
  • Easy-to-understand documents and visuals for materials from the Human Connector Academy.
  • End-of-the-year impact report showcasing our achievements and milestones.
  • Updated brand guidelines and infographics as needed.

Ideal Profile

  • Experience in branding and graphic design, supported by a diverse portfolio showcasing various design capabilities.
  • Strong aesthetic sense and a comprehensive understanding of design principles.
  • Ability to translate intricate concepts into clear, visually appealing imagery.
  • Familiarity with design tools; Canva use. 
  • Curiosity and an openness to exploring novel design trends and techniques.
  • Adaptability to changing design requirements and shifting priorities.
  • Attentive to detail, committed to maintaining consistent brand presentation and quality.
  • Efficient work ethic, capable of meeting deadlines and producing high-quality designs.

Key Information 

  • Roles: 1
  • Contract: Sep 2023 – 31st Dec 2023; 
  • time: 8-10 hours per week 
  • Legal Form: Independent Contractor 

Time Commitment & Compensation

The expected commitment for the project is 150 hours in total.

You must be available for the minimum time commitment of approximately 8-10 hours/week tentatively starting on Sep 1 and ending on 31st  December 2023. The exact time commitment and start date will be confirmed with the project lead, and you are expected to accurately track your time and submit evidence when invoicing. 

The compensation is based on project deliverables.

Suggested Timeline

Sep 2023

Oct 2023

Nov 2023

Dec 2023

Social media templates; Website graphics; Brand guideline update.

Professional document templates; Human Connector Academy materials transformation; Merchandise designs.

Graphics for new projects/activities (if needed).

End-of-the-year impact report design.

About Kontakt Kollektiv

Kontakt Kollektiv is a Hamburg-based social enterprise that cultivates authentic connections which serve as a catalyst for addressing social inequalities, combating issues of loneliness and well-being.

Our mission is to create meaningful connections that confront the challenges of social inequality and alleviate the negative impacts of loneliness on individuals and communities. Through these interactions, we envision a society that is more equitable and interconnected, where every person has the opportunity to thrive and feel a sense of belonging.

We collaborate with local governments, businesses, events, and community organizers by offering training, tools, and a support network to establish spaces for people to engage in genuine interactions.